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The BelovED middle and high school basketball teams have started their seasons and are looking forward to playing their first games this month. Any scholar in middle or high school who may still be interested in joining the basketball teams should contact Mr. Waldron for more information. 

High school winter track and girls volleyball will also be starting later this month. Please watch for information about these teams to be emailed out and posted on our athletics social media accounts soon. 

Any questions about school athletics please contact the athletics department.



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Athletic Director: Jere Waldron -

BelovED is interested in the development of young men and women through athletics. We believe that participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences that assist students in personal growth and development. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition are integral parts of our athletic program, and we feel that these lessons will help our student athletes as they transition to adulthood. 

It is our intent to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and focused on furthering each student’s educational maturity and personal well-being. Likewise, we believe that you have committed yourselves to certain responsibilities and obligations as a parent/guardian/custodian of an athlete. 

It is the role of the athletic department to make rules and follow state guidelines governing interscholastic competition. These rules/guidelines need community support to be fully effective. This is achieved only through communication between the school, the athletic department and the parents/guardians/custodians of our athletes.
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Athletic Director:

Jere Waldron


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