Proven Success

Proven Success


To measure the year-to-year learning gains of our younger students, we have historically administered Terra Nova assessments at the end of the school year.  The Terra Nova is a nationally-normed assessment administered by schools throughout America.

A Terra Nova “Grade Mean Equivalent” (GME) score measures a student’s mastery of academic learning objectives in comparison to their peers throughout the country.  A Reading GME of 1.0 means that a student has mastered Reading skills to the level of the average American student just entering First Grade.  A  GME in Reading of 1.9 would mean that the student has mastered reading skills to the level of the average American student in the ninth month (typically May) of their First Grade year.  

A school year is typically 10 months long.  Thus, a GME gain of 1.0 over the course of a year in a particular subject would mean that a student made a learning gain in that subject area that is equal to the national average over the course of a ten-month school year.

In SY19, our kindergarten to grade three students made reading and math GME gains over the course of one school year that averaged 1.7 and 1.3.   This means they achieved learning gains that were 70% above the national average in Reading and 30% above the national average in Math in the course of the school year.

Beginning with Grade Three, the State of New Jersey has its public schools administer state learning assessments, called NJSLA assessments, to measure these older students’ year-to-year learning gains and compare them to that of their peers throughout the state.  

The New Jersey Department of Education calculates the “Median Student Growth Rate” of students at a school and compares it with the Median Student Growth Rate of demographically similar students statewide.

In demographic subgroup after demographic subgroup, BelovED students made greater learning gains than their demographically similar peers statewide, as shown by the following State-calculated data for student growth in the area of English Language Arts/Reading skills. 



BelovED Median

Student Growth Rate in SY19

Statewide Median

Student Growth Rate in SY19




Economically Disadvantaged



English Language Learners






Students With Disabilities