Proven Success


When BelovED first opened in 2012, its scholars arrived behind grade level, on average.  After just three years at BelovED, its formerly-below grade level scholars have now moved substantially AHEAD of grade level and are FAR OUTPERFORMING their peers in Jersey City, statewide, and across the nation.

Nationally normed Terra Nova assessments in the areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies prove that BelovED’s scholars are making 1.5 grade levels worth of learning gains a year on average.  (You can see the data here: Average Learning Gains Per Year.)

The percentage of Third Graders at BelovED scoring “Proficient” on state Math assessments is almost 45% higher than the national average and almost TWICE the percentage at Jersey City’s traditional public schools.

On State Science assessments, 97% of BelovED scholars scored Proficient or better, with the majority of those scholars (57%) scoring Advanced Proficient.

This academic success is not surprising.  BelovED uses a proven education program that typically results in children pulling substantially ahead of their grade-level peers across the country.


In response to surveys ensuring respondent anonymity: 95% of scholars express feeling cared about at BelovED and feeling that they are learning a lot; 93% of scholars say BelovED makes learning fun; and 97% say they are happy to be attending school at BelovED.

Parents love BelovED too.  98% of parents express satisfaction with BelovED’s education program and with BelovED overall, with most expressing “strong” satisfaction.

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