Be Part of a School You Can Love

Imagine looking forward to your job every day because you know you are doing something world-changing, because you love your work and the people you work with, and because your job, as great as it is, also leaves you time to enjoy life outside of it. You would want to build a career at a place like that — and that’s how we want our staff to feel about BelovED.

We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable mutuality. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The ‘I’ cannot attain fulfillment without the ‘Thou.’ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our ultimate end must be the creation of the Beloved Community. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.



(We are constantly growing and hiring additional teachers and staff.)

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BelovED’s Three Pillars

BelovED’s school model wraps powerful values and character education protocols, rooted in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s concept of the “Beloved Community,” around the most sustainable and scalable best-practices of America’s top-performing charter school operators and a proven education program that is exceptionally effective without over-stressing school leaders and teachers.

In the Proven Success section of this website, we highlight the OUTSTANDING SCHOLAR LEARNING and the SCHOLAR & PARENT HAPPINESS that our school model produces.  We hasten to add here that it also produces JOB-ENJOYING TEACHERS, as underscored by our year-to-year teacher retention rate, which has averaged 95%.

Professional Development at BelovED

Top professional athletes constantly seek to refine their skills – and top educators do too. At BelovED, we support the on-going professional development of our faculty through training, through coaching, and through our teachers’ collegial sharing within professional learning communities. Prior to the start of school each September, our leadership team and all faculty members participate in a two-week summer institute. Training progresses from an overview of our school philosophy and design to in‐depth workshops on building our target culture and climate and succeeding with our values, study habits, and character development programs. During this process, our faculty also learns how to excel with our Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics programs and how to implement other key elements of our school design. To cite two examples, our educators learn about “Champion Teacher” classroom management and teaching skills, such as those encouraged by instructional expert Doug LeMov(1), and how to work with our computer-based, academic monitoring system and use student learning data to measure the success of school design elements, so we can continually refine these elements for the benefit of the entire school community. Building on this late August training, we schedule a number of additional training days during the course of the school year. These training days increase staff unity while helping staff members learn new strategies for addressing behavior and instructional challenges. We then further augment this formal training with less formal coaching. BelovED Community Charter School is divided into academies that consist of three grade levels, each with its own Dean of Instruction and Dean of Students. These Deans are available to model successful instruction and classroom management techniques for teachers and to provide teachers with personal coaching and support. In addition, on a weekly basis, grade-level teachers meet as a professional learning community to share ideas, collaboratively improve their practice, and identify potential improvements in school and education program design.

Collegiality and Communication

Collegiality and two-way communication are central elements of our school design and reflect our team-approach to school operations. Grade-level teachers meet as a professional learning community. There are also weekly meetings of grade-level Head Teachers and their Dean of Instruction and Dean of Students to review student learning progress and behavior and to explore solutions to individual student or school-wide challenges. In addition, every teacher has frequent, individual meetings with their Dean of Instruction. As a cap to all of this, at the end of every school year, three days are scheduled for staff to assess what went well during the preceding year and to identify and discuss where improvements might be made. The first day is devoted primarily to reviewing student learning data and student, parent, and staff surveys, to brainstorming, and to free and facilitated discussion (both in grade‐level groups and faculty‐wide). The next two days are action‐oriented, with staff collegially developing plans to solve problems and/or broaden the implementation of successful innovations. We believe that good decisions get made when decisions are informed by the insights of every community member, and that communities thrive when their members respect the decision-making process, knowing that everyone’s voice was heard.

Compensation & Our Career Ladder

Starting salaries at BelovED will be based on a new teacher’s experience, and will be comparable to those in the Jersey City School District. But unlike the District, salary increases will not be a function of longevity. Instead, salaries will rise with the achievement of high performance (as partially evidenced by student learning) and with increases in an educator’s responsibilities. Over a working career, compensation at BelovED will likely be higher than at most schools – which is made affordable by BelovED’s education model, which works optimally with larger-than-average class sizes. Meanwhile, our career ladder will offer educators many opportunities for increased leadership, as well as compensation. The ladder will detail the responsibilities and performance standards at each rung, from novice, to grade-level Head Teacher, to school leader, and will provide clear pathways for professional growth. We plan to develop a network of schools.  If our plans are successful, new leadership opportunities will be constantly opening up for those who are qualified.